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Video Slots Are a Player’s First Choice

Video slot games have at least five reels and the images, graphics and sounds are designed to enhance your immersive gaming experience. These online slots offer a number of advantages over classic 3-reel slots, including tons of free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds and plenty of ways to bet. The payouts are also usually very attractive, with progressive jackpots and maximum payouts both available on this kind.

Since the 1980s, slot machine makers have continued to add new and exciting elements to video slots. From linking jackpots across many casinos and online sites to creating massive progressive jackpots. Today, online video slot games are the first choice of many players looking for ways to have fun and win big.

Additional Features Mean Extra Winning Opportunities

Today’s video slots are created with tons of extra features and even more ways to win. They also have more paylines, giving you a chance to win more on a shorter run. Video slots feature more bonuses in an array of forms, such as free spins and additional symbols like wilds and scatters that activate multipliers and multiply your payout several times over.

Unlock Free Spins

Regular players of online slots love the free spins. Free spins featured on video slot games allow you to spin the reels for free when particular symbols land on the relevant paylines, initiating the free spins. Many popular video slots have free spins features which prolong gameplay and could lead to exciting wins.

Unlock Bonus Games

Bonus games are rewards you get by landing a certain number of symbols in a certain sequence on your reels. Bonus games are often in the form of mini-games within your main slot that give you the chance to win more spins, a better payout or extra credits. There are a huge number of different types of bonus games that you can trigger when playing online video slots.

Bonus games are typically unlocked during gameplay and usually have storylines and plots. Some are simpler where you just select a number of treasure chests, each with an amount behind it, and others include an element of skill.

Individual Re-spin

Amongst all the slot game features, there is none that has a wider variance in payouts and gameplay than re-spins. Whether it is a random feature on your video slot of choice or you have to accumulate a certain number of symbols before you are awarded a re-spin, this is another great feature that gives you the chance to extend gameplay and perhaps hit the jackpot.

Blockbuster Themes

Another highly enticing element to video slots is that many are based on blockbuster themes. From superheroes to chic flicks and everything in between, you are sure to find slots based on your all-time favourite movies and TV shows, complete with characters and elements from the hits featured on the reels. It is becoming more and more common for gaming developers to create slot spin-offs from blockbuster hits to bring you even more exciting online gaming. Microgaming is famous for creating slots with themes like Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Tomb Raider and more.

A Slot Game for Anyone to Enjoy

Online video slots come in thousands of variations, including video poker. There are hundreds of amazing titles and themes available, which means there are slot games for everyone to enjoy and plenty of chances to win staggering jackpots.

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