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Millionaire Maker Slot Games

When you play online slot games, you may come across the same kind of slot on more than one site. Sometimes, the games are linked and together they offer a progressive jackpot. Since many players on many progressive slots contribute to the big jackpot as they play, the prize pool continues to grow, with the amount sometimes hitting more than a million dollars. The bets of all the players build up until one lucky online slots player hits the combination and becomes an instant millionaire.

There are several big progressive slots titles out there. Mega Moolah is a particular favourite with players around the world. Multiple slots feature the brand name, and betting limits and jackpots vary, with the progressive network boasting some of the biggest ever online jackpots.

Wheel of Fortune is also a popular brand, with the jackpot on this game reaching close to $2 million in the past. Many online slots players also enjoy Megabucks, with amounts on the machine being won varying from $10 million all the way into the hundreds of millions.

Whichever slot you choose to play, you always stand to hit the big jackpot, becoming a millionaire with just the spin of the reels.

Unlock the Chance to Win Millions

There is no system or strategy that can increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot. It is important to remember that progressive jackpots don’t become “due.” It is entirely possible for these jackpots to grow big enough that a bet on a particular slot game will be a positive expectation bet but winning is all in the fun gameplay. To be eligible to win the main prize, remember to bet the maximum amount on your slot games.

How a Progressive Jackpot is Calculated

The amount of these slot game’s prize pool usually rises by taking a fraction of the expected profit of the online casino, which is actually the house edge for that game. For instance, if the house edge is 5%, the casino takes 1% and contributes the rest to the progressive jackpot total.

To win the progressive prize, you usually need to hit the highest paying winning line offered in the game, and by betting the maximum number of credits for the game. Remember, though, that the contributions to the jackpot don’t just come from the maximum bets every player makes, but by all the bets wagered on the slot.

Slot games that require bigger bets for players to qualify for the jackpot usually contribute more than progressive slots that require smaller maximum bets.

There are two types of progressive slot games: grouped progressives and stand-alone progressives. Stand-alone progressives are not linked to other slots but are formed by taking fractions of the best made only on that machine. That’s why those slots often have lower jackpots that are easier to hit.

Grouped progressives are grouped together in a network, and each of them contributes together to the main prize. All of them can be found in the same online casino or may be distributed across other casinos. These are the slots that offer life-changing amounts.

Whichever you prefer to play, there is always the chance to win an amount that could change your life.

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